Principal’s Message

Our motto at Grandis Primary School is ‘Together We Achieve’. This motto clearly expresses our strong belief that people need others in their lives in order to live and grow and learn successfully. Great schools are founded on strong relationships between students, parents and staff. These relationships foster and support growth that is positive and vibrant.

Our guiding principle or Golden Rule is ‘Treat Others as You Would Like to Be Treated.’ It is essential that students, parents and staff work diligently to embed this principle in all that we do so that our relationships grow and our students are fully supported through strong collaborative practice.

Our school logo depicts a birds-eye view of a Banksia Grandis flower. The yellow flower in the middle of the logo represents our students who are at the centre of everything that we do. Surrounding them are staff, parents and the general community which is represented by three concentric circles (leaves). This logo is a clear representation of the student centred focus that we have as well as the important role that the school community plays in supporting students to achieve their very best.

As a new school in the Banksia Grove area we are proud of the positive culture we have created and the strong relationships we have established across the community. We look forward to the opportunity to build even stronger relationships as more families move into the area and our school continues to grow.

We are Grandis!

Andrew Britton