Steering Committee

The school Steering Committee was formed in Term 3, 2018 and consisted of parents and community members who were interested in helping to shape the establishment and direction of the school in its initial stages. Members included Adam Markham, Amanda Barker, Amie Ayres, Andre Gairen, Anne-Marie Pattinson, Chloe Davey, Clare Halling, Elle Heaysman, Kirstie Sweetin, Monaz Korani and Srianth Bonthi. Meetings were held throughout Term 3 and 4 of 2018 at Joseph Banks Secondary College where the school’s temporary office was located. The Steering Committee, in consultation with the wider community, participated in important decision making around things like the school’s name, motto, logo and uniform. Community opinions were gathered through a Community Café held on August 26, 2018 as well as subsequent surveys conducted at Banksia Grove Primary School and via the school’s Facebook page.

The Steering Committee played an essential role as they represented the Banksia Grove community as part of the planning process for the establishment of our new school. We are in debt to these people who gave up their time to participate in this important process.