Contributions and Charges

The School Education Act 1999 requires Grandis Primary School to communicate to all parents the contributions and charges that the education of their child may incur.
This schedule of contributions and charges has been approved by the Steering Committee.

Section A

Voluntary Contributions – $50 per child ($90 per family)
Funds collected through the Voluntary Contribution go directly to the purchase of resources and services that support our students.

Section B

During the school year there may be additonal charges for a range of purposes. Maximum charges for extra cost optional items. Participation is dependant on requested payment.

See link for more information :

2023 Schedule of Contributions and Charges

Section C

Personal Use Items (Booklists)
Personal use items are those items that your child needs in their possession each day in order to maximise the participation in the school program. Consumables may need replenishing throughout the year. Students will also require a library bag which can be purchased through Lowes at Lakeside Joondalup (uniform supplier).

Section D

Optional Costs for Non-Educational Activities

Families may choose to purchase items such as school photographs or contribute to
fundraising events such as Red Nose Day during the year. The costs associated with these matters vary widely and are communicated to parents through the newsletter.